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The WG held its 1st meeting of at New Delhi on 6 December 2009 which was attended by members and 24 observers. The meeting was chaired by Pres. Hon. P.S. Lee and Prof. Linden Vincent acted as the Secretary. PH Lee appraised background in formation of the working group and collaboration with the other international organizations.

VPH Dr. Alain Vidal had expressed continuing interest in WG-POVERTY though he could not join the meeting in Delhi. Nomination of Mr. R.C. Jha (India) was accepted as Vice Chairman. The Group also accepted the nominations from Mr. Enayatollah Farhani (Iran), Dr. Yohei Sato (Japan), Mr. Hassan Javaid Afridi (Pakistan), Mr. Andre Roux (South Africa), Mr. Laurie Tollefson (Canada), and Dr. Adama Sangare (Mali) for membership.

It was proposed that the new WG should be concerned with topics/issues like - improvements in livelihoods as well as productivity, services to the poor, not just farmers, different manifestations of poverty and their definition, affordability of food, not just its cost, wider access to services and opportunities for participation in the value chain, participatory approaches that listen to the poor and are open to ideas (aka accountability), extension of agricultural water management to nominally rainfed areas and general land care”, multiple use of farm storage, not just of public systems (e.g., for aquaculture), greater awareness of health impacts and the actions needed. The proposed tenure of the WG to complete its mandate is 2013.

The three-year rolling plan of the Group was also adopted at the meeting.

  • Contributions to the International Workshop on the Role of Irrigation on Poverty Alleviation and Livelihoods Sacramento (California), 4 October 2007

  • Constitution of a sustainable network animated by TF-Poverty, aiming at enhancing the impact of irrigation on poverty alleviation and livelihoods, and linking with the consortium preparing WWF5's topic on "Water and food for ending poverty and hunger".

  • A topic scoping paper prepared by March 2008 for WWF5.